The best new ways to 2018 to maintain the phone’s battery and prolong its life !

أفضل الطرق الجديدة 2018 للحفاظ على بطارية الهاتف و إطالة عمرها !

Lots of questions between now and then from the battery of the mobile phone and the possible ways to prolong the life and maintain the quality their answers, and it was the most asked question when you look you may notice the battery of the phone if we let her call the cops for long, let’s see.

The best new ways 2018 to keep the phone battery

We hear a lot about damage is common after filling the battery, to answer this question you must first know that the expected virtual age of the mobile phone battery is about 400 to 500 charge cycles, and means the state of shipping here is shipped all the time from zero to a hundred percent, and this means that the battery lasts on average from one year to two years, considering that the phone is shipped once a day, and when the battery starts losing its ability to keep the network significantly, this indicates that it is advisable to replace the battery of the phone, Knowing that the phone batteries, consisting of lithium usually maintain their full capacity throughout the duration of the old virtual.

But does this mean that keeping the battery in the charger all night and not performed, leave a reply here to one of the teachers assistants at the University of Princeton, and who said to keep the charger all night will not lead to any damage, and confirms that modern phones are becoming aware of when to plug the charger to 100% and there stops the flow of electricity to the battery means that it does not overload, but one of the directors of the centre for an science Energy said it’s better for the batteries to keep the Charging rate between 30% to 90% as much as possible, and also says that have access to 100% Not performed because the battery of the phones are made to be used and are changed after a period of not to keep forever.

And here, says the founder of a company specializing in the manufacture of chargers, phones and accessories that no harm never leave the phones all night on the chargers because they will continue charging once it reaches 100%.

But what can lead to damaging the battery, first covers protect the phones that do not distract the heat resulting from the charging, which could lead to damaging the battery, the second charging phones via stores USB computer because it is often at different frequencies for the phone, which generates excessive heat in the battery, third wait until it is empty the battery fully and this is not healthy for the battery, the fourth Use chargers counterfeit or non-compliant with the specifications of the original charger which can lead to damage of the battery or one of the parts of the shipping service.

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