The best Intel processors you can now be purchased

Despite the intense competition between processors-ray store of AMD vs Intel processors when it was launched last year, still Intel processors are better for gaming and other assignments that require the use of threads to address a few, let us use the best processors currently available from Intel as to use.

1) CORE I5-8400 – best processor for gaming

Despite the fact that Intel increased the number of nuclei in all the processors of the second generation, keeps processor I5-8400 is the best in terms of performance within games with 6 cores and standard starts at 2.8 right web 4.0 right to see a great performance with the specifications great price is very competitive.

Price: 222.6$

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2) PENTIUM GOLD G5600 – best processor economic

best intel processors pentium gold g5600

If you search for Intel low price of the third generation will be this is a solution certainly where comes G5600 with a number of two nuclei at a constant speed at 3.9 right to stop the performance of a little less than processor i3-8100 with providing the best value for money.

Price: 87$

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3) CORE I7-8700K – best processor of the senior category

best intel processors core i7 8700k box

Carrying this processor is great more than enough strength to perform the most demanding of processing large easily across 6 cores and speed of the frequency record begins at 3.7 right and 4.7 right, Add to the price of the good versus outstanding performance in this category.

Price: 374$

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4) CORE I9-7900X – best processor high-performance

Having made AMD a collection processors Threadripper in the category of metal products, high-performance, Intel provide a number of processors, Super-strength, despite the fact that 7900X processor is expensive, but it offers enormous power across 10 cores 20 a treatment plan via hyperthreading technology, in addition to the frequency speed of 4.5 cars.

Price: 970$

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