The best games of 2019 coming strongly, games PlayStation 4 2019 / the first part

It was the year 2018 and full of many different games, and since 2019 the doors. Let’s review the most important games are expected in 2019, every year and you’re fine .

1 : game ANTHEM

Is a game coming from the studios Bioware is owned by AE and are the same developer of the game Mass Effect and after that foiled a Mass Effect of many game Anthem is the hope of company Bioware to impress everybody again, the game comes with a pattern to play house of the first personal and third personal and takes place in a time far after the occurrence of the disaster to the world and is the game open world divided the world into two parts separated by a massive wall on the side of the market live thieves, hoodlums, and on the other side set to ravenous beasts, The main player is a soldier, a mercenary performs the tasks required of them and is wearing a suit enhanced protection to the player is modified and developed as the Test runs, and the game will be on 22 of February on the catwalks of the core .

2 : Game Of DAYS GONE

In the world of the devastating controlled Zambian player someone who earns a living by catching the wicked people, the game may be a little similar to the game the last of us but it offers thrill, it turned out that the player will use the surrounding environment too much to resist risks will set traps to throw stones and even the use of Zambian themselves in the attack on the enemies and the game will be on the 26th of April exclusively on the platform of PlayStation 4 .


My game metro and metro last light from best games of the old generation games that put the player in a world completely destroyed because of nuclear war, said that people in Russia work in the in-store Subway and because of the nuclear radiation turned some of the objects in the world surface and are becoming monsters, and the game Metro Exodus will be like the previous parts will be the player many of the creatures decaying, and many of the various dangers in the open world and there will be great interest concerned, and the game will be on 22 of February on the catwalks of the core .

4 : Game of THE DIVISION 2

Release game the division had some successes and also some mistakes and with time must company Ubisoft has identified the problems of the first part and try to avoid them in the second part, and depending on the indicators it seems that the division 2 will be better and more improved than the previous one where the office was moved from New York to Washington, D.C., and the player would play his role in the civil war there and there will be many activities to do will also be area of the dark zone and the game will be on the 15th of March on the catwalks of the core .

5 : game DEVIL MAY CRYS 5

The previous part of the devil mry cry who developed the studio ninja theory had nothing to do with the story of the basic safety because it re filming all of the events of the story to the characters, but this new part in the name of the devil mry cry is the next part real, and is set directly after the events of devil mry cry 4 and the back core characters like Nero and Dante and the expected release of the game in the 8 of March on the catwalks of the core .


I decided CAPCOM re-making the game Resident Evil 2 one of the parts of possible negative potential of the current generation and like the original game the player controls two Lion S . Kennedy and Claire Redfield who are trying to succeed in the city surrounding the base from all over the place and unlike the original game became a vision from above the shoulder and the enemies became stronger and smarter and special effects have become much, much better than its predecessor, which was limited due to the possibility of platform PlayStation 1 and this is expected to this remix photo will experience refreshing and scary and will be released on the 25th of January on the catwalks of the core .

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