The best games are “open world” for Android and iPhone 2018 Minecraft way GTA

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Today we offer you the best games open world for Android phones and iPhone

1 : the game Shadows Of Kurgansk

Is an adventure game where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery, your goal is to stay alive and find a way out, of course, you’ll need to hunt and build a shelter for you and collect the weapons and tools that you will need in this strange world which is inhabited by dozens of zombies and alien beings which could make you food if you don’t take precautions, the game is free with purchases inside it for both Android and IOS .

Shadows Of Kurgansk Android

Shadows Of Kurgansk Evo

2 : the game Freeroam City Online

Enjoy all the freedom within an open world complete with surfer featuring 100 the real player can make friends with them and in case you haven’t that power and I wanted to start a new battle, you have everything you need from rifles and weapons to start fighting, not only this but you can drive different means of transportation from bikes and cars and planes and maybe if the graphics of the game better than it is going to be the experience of playing more fun, the game is completely free with a purchases inside of it on Android and IOS.

Freeroam City Online Android

Freeroam City Online iPhone

3 : the game Crasy Miami Online

Modern game did not pass on its launch only a few months and the story begins with the escape of the person from prison to begin his adventure in the open world you have more than 50 kind of cars and bikes, and over 40 types of weapons and 5 types of fighter aircraft, these figures alone will make you excited for the game regardless to that the game is multiplayer and you’ll meet many of the real players in your journey if you are not a fan of group play and want to swim in your sea away from everyone you only need to choose the style of Single player, the game is currently available for free on Android only .

Crasy Miami Online Android

4 : game Dude Theft Wars

Put game GTA San Andreas in a blender and add Minecraft and create them well and there you got on this game, the tops of the engines life on your way, you can explore the gaming environment, green-filled gardens, and nature plus the cars that you can drive it in the streets of the city if you don’t like it, it looks like it you’ll move on to the second bank where you can buy different types of weapons and sneak into houses and steal money, or to join the mafia is a serious and interview the gangs and other mafias, the game is available free of charge with purchases on the inside for Android .

Dude Theft Wars Android

5 : the game Nimian Legends : BrightRidge

Adventure game features environment that is game fantastic-controlled wild lands and forests from all sides this is the waterfalls and the rivers sparkling and the mountains high and old prison, amid all this you do to accomplish all the tasks required of you that if you succeed one of them even become addicted to the game and trying to accomplish the rest in any way as that the game is not free it is paid for the price of $ 3 on Android and IOS, but of course getting rid of something called ads or purchases inside the game .

Nimian Legends : BrightRidg Android

Nimian Legends : BrightRidg Evo

The best games are “open world” for Android and iPhone 2018 Minecraft on the way to the GTA

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