The best free apps for taking notes on the Apple Watch

Use the Apple Watch to take notes is perfectly logical because it’s always on your wrist. Unfortunately, I don’t offer the Apple Watch currently has a Notes application that you use on iOS or macOS.

For those who want to create and display notes at any time, in any place, directly from the wrist, here is a list of will impress them. Here are the best free apps to jot seen on the Apple Watch.

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الملاحظات على ساعة آبل

Notebook is a beautiful application allows you to capture notes using the smart card, the display notes with gestures, and create reminders to apply your iPhone.

On the Apple Watch, you can record voice notes and scribbling and access to notes you’ve created on other devices using the Sync feature. You can also delete the notes from the previous if you no longer need.

The app is available for free on the App Store.


الملاحظات على ساعة آبل

The application of n+ots microblogging tool is easy to use. Create a note and add a picture and set a reminder and the participation note, all from your iPhone.

On the Apple Watch, you can view your notes, add new note contains text or voice. All your notes between iOS devices sync with Apple Watch

The app is available for free when you purchase on the App Store with in-app purchases to remove the ads from the version iPhone.


الملاحظات على ساعة آبل

Depends Bear the application of popular interest on both iOS and وmacOS. You can create notes using text formatting and images and clip menus. Write down notes and repeat them and share them, export and copy them on your iPhone or iPad or macOS.

On the Apple Watch, you can create notes with text or voice, and access to the notes that you create on other devices using Sync, and even edit the notes that you have created in any place. You can also move them to the trash if necessary.

The app is available for free on the App Store, with subscription options for additional features such as synchronize all types of devices, the advantage of strong export patterns and attractive display.

Microsoft OneNote

تطبيق ملاحظات على ساعة آبل

If you can afford Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and OneNote, then OneNote on the Apple Watch like. Sign in with your Microsoft account to create your notes, the display notes the modern a single click, and open the setup notifications and more.

Open the OneNote on the Apple Watch to view all your notes and create new notes dictating. Keep growing and with OneNote on your wrist and other devices.

The app is available for free on the App Store.

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