The best features of my phone Huawei P30 وP30 pro

Huawei announced on its phones leading P30 وP30 Pro in the formal event held in the city of Paris today, to provide a range of the best possible, namely:

1 – screen techniques

The screen of the two phones is Olid believed of manufacture of Samsung, where the improved lighting and color accuracy significantly, they also come with a pioneer of the second generation of the reader the compact footprint of the screen that increased his speed by 30% for the first generation born in the phone is dead 20 Pro. Also add to that the ear headphones calls come integrated to the same network.

2 – powerful camera

Features P30 Pro Camera background Quad are characterized by many features, including optical zoom up to 5 times and hybrids up to 10 times. But the most exciting is the installation of digital even 50 times (up to 30 times in the P30), which is an estimated distance of 580 metres, thanks to the lens of the periscope Square which will also add to the quality of the photography in low illumination thanks to its ability to assemble more light by 40% in the recipe of the company.

And first two lenses installation hybrid, which depends on the installed optical and electronic, giving the user a firming perfect during the filming of the video the best of the phones the company.

Thanks to the lens of the time-of-flight (ToF) related to the depth of the scene the three dimensions which are unique to them P30 Pro, the perception of Porter (isolated background) became the highest precision, whether in pictures or put a “video portrait” which arrived dead 20 Pro first.

Rate light sensitivity (ISO) is increased four-fold to beyond 400,000 in the P30 Pro, which adds a lot to the images in the night mode, which must be clear with the comparison of Huawei’s samples of photos and video from the iPhone XS-Max and Galaxy S10 Plus.

3. the design is solid and the experience is excellent

Feature phones P30 with a layer of protection Cor a glass drinking 6, making it the strongest resistance to refraction by the sword, added support for phones resistant to water and dust IP68, which makes it move withstand a depth of 1 meters and more of water for 30 minutes, and full protection against dust.

With the processor Kirin 980 strongest capacity RAM starting from 8 gigabytes and a battery capacity of 3650 and up to 4200 mAh and the latest Android systems, the expectation that the performance will be smooth and two phones on a single charge throughout the day with most of the usage scenarios.

Features P30 flat-screen TV and Sky 3.5 mm, but the P30 Pro features a curved, behind the curve to allow the user a tighter grip on the phone.

4 – other features

I got a series P30 on months features dead 20 Pro, of shipping wired rapid ability of 40 watts, and the reverse for devices that support it, the characteristics of the different camera such as shooting mode Micro which captures clear images of the details of just 2.5 cm.

The company said Huawei it held an agreement with the application Snapchat to improve the performance of the app by air adapted to the new, so it seems that Snapchat has developed a version of the app to fit the new phones solve the problem of low quality for the on the Android phones.

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