The best car models that revealed in the exhibition Tokyo Motor year 2019

Come the Tokyo Motor Show with a new vision in automotive design with models for the first time, has provided the Giants of car manufacturing this year a distinguished group of car models growing.

Revealed a new range of electric car models and SUVs during the exhibition, the Tokyo Motor year 2019, where they paraded all of the Lexus, the وNissan, Toyota and some other companies the first models of the new cars.

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Model car Lexus LF-30 EV

The LF-30 is the first electric car fully made of Lexus in Tokyo this year, where it made Lexus this model to celebrate the anniversary of the 30 company, as come car LF-30 EV design and funky at the doors of the car, with the tools and controls in the car are characterized by multi-touch.

Car model Nissan Ariya

Revealed Nissan for car Nissan Ariya that apply as one of the models of cars EV electric four-wheel drive models, which confirmed to Nissan that the car Ariya is particularly arranged on the platform of the EV completely new, also intends to control the two motors, the vehicle is characterized with flat floor fully include the battery.

Come car Ariya design full digital, is expected to include a platform control ProPilot 2.0 driving mechanism, which is integrated with the external design of the car.

Car model Mazda MX-30

The first electric vehicle offering from the Japanese company in a large scale in the MX-30, where the car comes to the design inspired by The Shape of turtles, as the car features an electric motor that supports moving the front tire of the car, also feature the design of the doors needs to open the front doors first to open the rear doors also, it is expected that this form applies to the ground in 2020 in the European market.

Car model Toyota LQ

Has Toyota about see the characteristic in a car the Toyota LQ that comes design a stunning exterior, with distinctive design and funky from the inside also, where the control of the calling cloud services, with the technology of artificial intelligence YUI.

It is to support the assistant YUI digital speech perception, the focus, awareness of the emotions of the user voice, with voice interaction a seamless experience with the user.

Car model Mitsubishi Mi-Trail

Car features the Mitsubishi Mi-Trail tires large size design of buggy, as the car comes without doors, they also feature design high significantly, as the car comes range hybrid class with 4 engines to support each frame independently, with support for precise control in the payment of the car’s tires, but the car is still prototype model may apply later for implementation.

Car model Nissan IMK

It may not feature car Nissan IMK design attractive, but it is one of the models presented at the Tokyo exhibition of electric cars, which may apply later to the markets of China and Japan, come car Nissan IMK also with flat floor as in the context of Ariyah, but it remains a prototype of the car may not move to mass production.


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