The best camera phone in the world suffer from the problem of new

أفضل كاميرا هاتف في العالم تعاني من مشكلة جديدة

Know the number of users of the latest phones company Google Smart “Pixel 3″ and “Pixel 3 XL” for some new problems related to camera phone which make one of the best cameras in smartphones these days, it has started that problem in appearing with some customers in late October.

The problem is when the user trying to run the camera and capture images in applications other than Camera application the main applications such as social networking or applications to banks and then back again to the camera application installed on the phone to show him a blank black screen or even error message “fatal error”.

Appeared that the problem is more in the “Pixel 3” and think the camera is one of the most three reasons why the normal user Linda nearly $ 800 space is small, it is considered as the camera and having a series pixels from Google on Android raw without duty an additional user, which provides safety in use in addition to get System Updates from a company Google royal for the operating system Android regularly quick of the most important reasons that push people to buy.

Considers the emergence of problems such as those in the camera hit the phone and, according to some reports the users they experience many of the traditional solutions like restart the phone or even restore the factory settings but the result was mixed some was a restart of the phone enough for them to solve the problem and others did not meet those solutions to overcome the problem.

The phone has got the update to the operating system in early November, but the problem persists, then go the users for maintenance stations able to replace the entire phone free of charge and did not back that problem to appear on the new phones, while others refused to Google the process of the questionnaire is justified that the problem in the Teletext will be solved soon.

Actually the product the official owners of the phones Pixel camera may explain to a user that the process of replacement depend on the error code that appears some have a problem in the plug itself the “Hardware” they are who were able to replace the phone and others have a problem in the operating system “Software” are two of the company refused to process the questionnaire to them.

According to published by one of the managers on the product’s official the Google company and development team have fully aware of the problem and their way to resolve it at the earliest.


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