The best BitTorrent client for Android

In the huge database of the torrent sites have almost all the necessary files. Despite the fact that the treats torrent as a center of pirated content, there are many legal uses for this technology and even many legal websites to download torrent files. Including for download different content on Android. So, it’s time to consider the most interesting of the torrent clients for the Green Robot.

To use torrent it is possible on Android-smartphone

The contents

Flud — Download without limitations

Flud is a free and fully featured torrent client for Android. It comes complete with a simple and intuitive user interface and does not impose any specific restrictions for speed downloads. You can even move files from one folder to another or from the internal memory to the SD card during boot. Supported change of themes including the dark theme. The program besides has the function of encryption support for filtering IP addresses and work with proxies.

Download: Flud

uTorrent — the Most popular client

uTorrent is probably one of the best torrent apps for Android with more than 100 million downloads. You can download multiple files simultaneously and play even play them after downloading directly from the program’s interface, which is quite convenient. In addition, this app shows in detail all about speed, supports RSS signatures and has WiFi mode – Оnly. Ah, Yes, the program is completely free but contains ads.

Skachati: uTorrent

BitTorrent is not worse than competitors

BitTorrent is perhaps the second most popular Torrent client on a desktop PC, and Android. But leader he is not inferior. The app is almost identical to the uTorrent app and has no limitation on the size of the downloads. But there are differences. For example, BitTorrent comes with built-in music and video library from which you can access the media on your phone, and all downloaded songs and videos are automatically allocated to appropriate categories.

Download: BitTorrent

zetaTorrent — Two in one

zetaTorrent is a full featured and somewhat unique torrent client for Android. In addition to basic functions, there is a browser that has ad blocker. The browser is able to automatically detect the torrent files and links to them, from starting the download directly in Internet Explorer. Well mode torrent client present here. And yet there is a quite handy file Manager and the possibility to protect the app with a password. Did you know that on Android you can use a torrent client? We regularly update something interesting and new from the world this operating system and beyond. Subscribeto not miss anything.

Download: zetaTorrent

TorrDroid — Convenient search

TorrDroid has a built-in algorithm to find and download files. The main page is divided into three sections: History, search and download. You can enter a search query and the file type to begin the search for the torrent on some sites, some of which are built into the program, and the rest you can add yourself. TorrDroid also has a built-in file Manager and the ability to hide downloaded files.

Download: TorrDroid

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