The best apps to create photo collages

Thanks to the advanced cameras of today’s smartphones, we have become almost a “photomaniacal”, removing literally everything that surrounds us. It is in any case not bad. If you want your photos to stand out from thousands of others, made by other users, for you there’s an easy way — a program for creating collages. Which we now discuss.

There is nothing easier than to create a collage on your smartphone

The contents

Moldiv — Everything you need in one place

Moldiv is one of the best free apps to create collages, which can meet all your needs in photo editing. While collages evidently not restricted. We have a simple editor, gallery photo frames, filters and a whole bunch more. And for those who like to do selfie, there is “options” beauty like a mask or applying virtual makeup. By the way, in our Instagram selfies you will not see. There is a lot of interesting photos, guaranteed!

Download: Moldiv

Collage Maker is a Simple and intuitive solution

Collage Maker is one of the most easy to learn interfaces. Like other apps in this list, it allows you to edit photos and make collages. But what really distinguishes this program on the General background is the possibility to add as many as up to 18 photos in one collage. The size and characteristics of each element can be changed separately from the others.

Download: Collage Maker

PhotoGrid is Not only photos, but also videos

PhotoGrid — this is another app that creating collages is not limited. In particular, there is a possibility of video editing. And if you can change the video, you can create and videocollages. It looks very stylish and unusual. In addition, there is a standard set of filters, effects and even the ability to create a slide show of photos and videos. Ah, Yes, the program is able to work with video resolutions up to 2048р that uncommon even for some specialized mobile video editors.

Download: PhotoGrid

Pic Collage — Maximum creative freedom

Pic Collage allows you to create amazing collages with text, frames and stickers. In this advertising there is practically no. Well and for fans of the stories here has a corresponding option that will allow you to create collages and images in the format of stories to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and similar platforms. Another great option — mode zing. It allows you to attach your photo to the location and put a picture inside a specific pattern over the map. Elegant solution for travel enthusiasts.

Download: Pic Collage

Fotor — Nothing more

If you want a simple, free, and most importantly intuitive to learn the program, then Fotor is the best that can offer you the Play Store for this request. With Fotor you get a wide range of functions that allow you to customize your collages as you want. The shape and size of the image to the colors, shadows and round edges.

Download: Fotor

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