The best apps and games landed the candidate for you this week

This theme is the best apps and games landed the candidate for you this week appeared on Engadget.

You know the best games and apps featured on Google Play This Week, which align on top of the assessment of candidates for you to try now.

Game Black Command

If you are a fan of strategy games, you can enjoy a new experience in the game Black Command, which enables you to create your own army and send it on missions of war, where the game provides a diverse experience for different tasks and cereals, as well as supporting players a selection of tools to run the army.

The game offers a new experience also with a more realistic simulation, where the end profile in the game permanently when she died in the battlefield, the game Black Command also got positive reviews.

Assistant Shortcuts

Application Assistant Shortcuts

Some prefer to allocate tasks on the phone and management experience specific, the application Assistant Shortcuts is the app to better support this idea, where the application is designed to support the changing functions of the buttons in your phone smoothly.

Application Assistant Shortcuts save you a lot of choices in the open notifications for example, or the choice also to reset the functions in the software among other features, you can also choose to install the Application Manager Shortcuts for free with ads or version free of paid advertising.

Game Hooky Crook

One of the games possible candidates for you on Google Play, where it will appear in front of a personal game a lot of obstacles that you will have to take her, with the graphic featured in the game the speed in check also.

Game Hooky Crook is not of free games where available for installation at the price of $ 3, but they of games that use experience, where you have to abandon the 84 level in the game, with the frozen leaderboards in the game yet, the game also supports play outside the scope of the internet in full, with other levels added to the game soon.


The application Feedly Lab

Still this version of the demo to comment, but it’s worth a trade with an interface that can be customized to support you with the latest news or explore the favorite news to you, with the advantage of a clear presentation to the user, also may require the application of Feedly Lab to add comments or rate the app.

Game SEGA Pocket Club Manager

You can experience a new game of ball games the European continent in the game SEGA Pocket Club Manager, which offers the experience of SEGA in games, with the feature composition of the team, and compete in matches, and also manage your own team with more than 2000 players to choose from between them, where the pool game between football players from the international European, Asian and also global opportunities.

You can also in the game create your own with a photo-realistic, with a range of other features that make the SEGA Pocket Club Manager one of the games nominated for you too this week.


This theme is the best apps and games landed the candidate for you this week appeared on Engadget.

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