The best application candidate to start hating phones landed newly

The best application candidates for users of the phones landed, which provide support to the well users of the phones landed, which can trade on your phone now.


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The application POCKET CASTS

Is Pocket Casts is a good choice for broadcast applications, direct the candidate to start hating phones landed recently, where the support of the latest version of the app with a premium design for the user interface, with a range of users ‘ favorite applications Direct broadcast.


The application of DARK SKY

Choose the best in weather apps for users of the phones landed, with predictions of quick and weather conditions within minutes, to the side of the user interface to provide details and clear information about the weather, this application comes at a price of $ 2.99 per year, but it offers features that make it worth to trade on your phone.



The most important application that support you in securing the protection of passwords used in your different accounts, also supports all applications in the Choose the strongest password for each site, with emphasis on the non-selected password in more than one location, is scheduled to stop 1Password through the first month free then $ 2.99 a month, or you can select LastPass Free also.


The application VSCO

Provided the developers of the application VSCO recently distinctive design one application with a set of filters possible to adjust the sound, which support the user experience in photo editing with a range of various effects, the possibility of adjusting the sound characteristic by their participation on networking sites or on the Inter, this application comes at a price of $ 19.99 per year in the Google Play Store.


Application Messages

It is an application developed via Google, which supports the user in the sync messages with your computer which is in the vicinity of the user, so provides a good experience in messaging to users of phones landed.



Invites you to apply Audio Recorder in record voice notes quickly, as the application provides you with a choice in the quality of the recorded audio where you can adjust the choice via the settings.


Game Odyssey

Is one of the best games of the nominated owners phone landed newly install it on the phone, especially phones with edge-to-edge, where the game show with a graphic featured on the phone screen, as the game is characterized by the rapid, it also comes for free on Google Play.



Is one of the possible applications on the Google Play Store, which supports the user in the administrations of the files on the phone, also supports access to files easier on the facade of the phone, also comes the app for free on Google Play.


The application POCKET

If you wish to save the content on the web to read later, you can choose to apply the Pocket that comes on the Google Play Store at a price of 44.99$, where you can save full articles to read or listen to it later.


I know of

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