The best app that allows control your phone via gestures

Started Apple TV the direction of the gestures after getting rid of the button home physical in iPhone X, with the shift of manufacturers to the adoption of large-screen phones, I preferred to get rid of the default buttons and replace them with gestures drag on the screen to facilitate navigation within the system and increase the display area of the content to the network after getting rid of the navigation buttons default.

If you have an Android phone so to wait until the arrival of the update to Android 9 to use the gestures that will be part of the system. However, grant some applications access to the system of gestures and customization for users of previous versions of Android.

It is worth mentioning that the applications below to request special permissions -don’t buy roti – but the permissions you can grant them to connect the phone to your computer via USB cable, and run the ” Android Debugger” and follow the simple steps to drink it all of the apps below when you open them, which is incidentally the same steps in every application, but if your phone is in Root mode already, you can give the app permissions, without the need to follow the same steps.

Without further prolonging, here are the best apps that gives you access to the system of gestures.

Fluid Navigation Gestures

It is the most customizable, as you can customize the action tasks after the withdrawal of certain places the bottom of the screen, you can also customize the drag of the part to one side of the screen to do certain tasks, besides, it can customize the functions for the normal travel with tension.

Google Play

X Home Bar

In its free version allows you to pull up on the ribbon to return to the main screen and left and right return opening applications open recently, and you can add shortcuts to click once and twice on the tape, with more customization options to request a subscription.

Google Play

Navigation Gestures

Although some settings customization requests to buy the paid version, the App towards the 14 is you can do them gestures draw on are the screen and the navigation bar which you can control the color, shape, size, and speed of gestures, as you can customize orders for prolonged or drag with the expansion.

Google Play

Swiftly Switch

In its free version you can add your favorite apps and controls, actually face -such as access for window notifications – among the list of side you can access from the drag of the side of the screen to the inside and then launch a application or function, and in its paid version allows the creation of more from the list.

Google Play

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