The best app of the opinion of the editors of tic-Foy in 2018

We are about to leave the year 2018, which we have seen many new technologies and changes in the world of smart phones. During this year, yielding many useful applications to users, and revenue of app stores of the company. Google and Apple are large, and the interest in the end, corporate developers, and most importantly we are users.

In TIC-voila, we used several applications during the year, including the commissioner, including gas useful, and in this article we will review the best apps the opinion of the editors of the site in 2018.

Alarm, Alarmy

In a world full of distracted people, we always need to home to remind us of the well get good, or even command our sleep. The first app in the menu this product is available on Android and iPhone, which offers users a range of benefits that distinguish it from similar applications, including a property photo, which force the user to take a picture to stop home from work to wake you up from sleep.

The product includes a set of sounds of the alarm including the high spam, medium and low, in addition to customize the music to the voice alarm soft if you prefer it, in short this app is useful for those who are facing a big problem in the advancement of the bed, and is designed to force you to wake up.

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

The application MyFitnessPal

The first application in the follow-up of calories in diets, especially as he has a large database of several varieties of cuisine with food data calories including mental Macaronis and sugars and more, and whether you want to lose weight or get healthy food or change your habits enough, the application will be a big help for you.

Most importantly, if you are in the supermarket and want to know the calories in a particular product, you can scan the barcode via the app will import the information food in addition to cooking recipes.

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

The application of Spotify

The application of Music months in the world and rich from the definition, as it allows users a large collection of Western songs of all kinds, including rock, jazz, pop, classic and more, with the possibility of following the artists and access to clips of lyrical-Type Cover in addition to some Arabic songs, especially since the company recently announced its entry into the markets of the Middle East.

التطfيق gives you comprehensive access to the world of music and podcasts. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs.

Available free features, limited to Android and iPhone.

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The application pixel launcher

One pixel allows you to get interface use phones Pixel from Google on Android phones of different companies, where the features of this car are simple and quick access services of the Google like the search from the Home screen.

Car feature lets custom cards, which bring you news and important information for you in time, also supports shortcuts of the apps to move directly to where you want to go in the app.

Available for free on Android only.

Application Files by Google

Manager files from the company Google helps you manage your files, edit space, find files faster, copy files up to save space on the device in addition to share files without internet connection with the others.

App that offers you recommendations on the edit space delete old photos and chats that are consuming space and remove duplicate files, clean up the memory random.

Available for free on Android only.

The application of Blue Mail

Email application free and beautifully universal, capable of managing unlimited number of mail accounts from different companies including Gmail, Outlook and iCloud, and others in one place, allowing notices to smart defence and e-mail groups with customization enabled.

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

Application LastPass

We use many services and applications on the network leads to the generation of passwords is very large, which is impossible to save her, at which time we recommend using a different password for each service.

So what’s the solution? Manager for passwords, this app allows that, where it allows users to save login data for websites different in addition to applications on smart phones, with access to autofill data when you log in.

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

Apply Quick Message

The application WhatsApp has become the most important tools to facilitate our daily life, and allows you to call a large number of people around the world at any time with ease, but the only problem is the need to store the numbers in your phone to call others.

This app gives a solution to this problem, so that all you have to do is copy the number and enter it in the space provided in this application, will be transferred to your WhatsApp automatically to the reporter, the person without the need to save his number to your phone. Great? Isn’t it?

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

The application Pushbullet

If you hate dealing with cables to transfer files and data between smartphones and computers, this app will be useful to you. So lets transfer photos, messages, links, files different from the phones to the computer and vice versa, through applications available on phones, computers and browsers.

In addition, the app lets you receive notifications phones on computers and respond to them from there, which facilitates the process of multitasking.

Available for free on Android and iPhone.

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