The best anime games on Android and iPhone

Did you follow every episode of your favorite anime, then I finished the manga, what about the game the anime is? Here we’ll find you the best anime games available for phones regardless of the quality of the anime adaptation in itself.

Dragon Ball Legends

In the game you can play several characters of Dragon Ball in the process of the story and developed the challenge to the players, enjoy the controls easy and beautiful graphics make it a favorite for the famous series.

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Fate/Grand Order

Include the characters of the anime of the famous Fate where you cried for a team of real legendary fight epic battles, featuring free play, but its limited orientation on the Android.

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Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict

Released this new game through 2018 with serial anime Record of Grancrest War that you hate his characters, you’ll find a play style similar to games role-playing in terms of the existence of a group of different characters in their fighting ability, but you can change characters during combat.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise

I don’t know like one piece in person its a lot of unique in its form and its capabilities, and so is the game of the anime of this which allows more than 1000 people the original you can betray a lot of conflict and fighting.

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Of the famous series of the same name and the same a lot of the fighting elements existing with series in the system of roleplaying games.

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RWBY: Amity Arena

Like the style of game similar to Clash Royale, where they rely on the cards collected by each player to use in the defense and attack.

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Tales of Erin

If you want an alternative game Tales on PlayStation and Xbox and Nintendo Switch, we recommend you play Tales of Erin, even though she is not an official stop by the many elements of the anime adaptation in the system of roleplaying games.

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Tokyo Ghoul: Re Birth

Another game system just catch parts, but their features accurately follow the story of the anime, and there are about 100 people from the show and developed challenge the players.

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Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Among a lot of Naruto games, we believe that the this game this the best, where you can choose between 100 people and run tasks based on the events of the story of the series in some parts.

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