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YouTube is the largest video hosting in the world with over 1 billion active users per month. On the website are published daily millions of hours of new videos on almost any topic. If for some reason you are looking for a replacement for YouTube, we suggest to familiarize with the list of the top ten alternatives to YouTube that you can use to view and download their own VIDOS.

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Vimeo is a veteran of YouTube

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After YouTube this website is probably the most famous of all the resources designed for download and view video. The platform launched in 2004, and since its active base has grown to 240 million users who visit every month to watch and upload their videos. Active users regularly make it on the website registered more than 70 thousand, so the lack of new rollers to the owners and users of Vimeo complaining just is not necessary.

It is believed that in comparison with YouTube, Vimeo — a more Mature resource including through its policy of regularly attracting new content creators: animators, Directors, musicians and many other talented people. YouTube — a place where anyone with a camera can post anything. Vimeo is a cozy hosting for those who knows what to do. On the website much more loyal audience who leave relevant and meaningful comments on videos, monetization, there is also present, motivating writers to create something new. The main advantage of the website that Vimeo and YouTube are available for almost all platforms in a separate app.

Twitch is a site for streamers and their fans

Standard, but recognizable logo of twitch

Twitch is a platform that is designed exclusively for gamers. If you want to earn money using your gaming talents or just plan to enjoy watching the gameplay, Twitch is the perfect place for this. Since its inception, the service has developed well and now includes a special broadcast dedicated to the art, music, talk shows and more, although associated primarily with the gaming community and is a success for the most part his representatives. Unlike YouTube, where you can find content on any topic, Twitch is still quite niche, and this is one of his strengths. Twitch is different from any other video site, because it is a ton of streaming video that is not common practice for other video platforms. In fact, the game broadcast and made Twitch such a successful company. On the website there is also monetization. But instead use advertising as does YouTube, Twitch allows authors channels to accept donations from viewers.


Minimalistic but recognizable logo IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV is a new product from Instagram, which the company wants to dominate the market of streaming video and for all do away with competitors. The service launched in June 2018 and is working as part of an official Instagram app, or as a separate application. In the long ago, Instagram has developed its own subculture of celebrities using the service IGTV for his promotion. While YouTube does not. In addition, Instagram is monthly visited by more than a billion active users, which positively affects the IGTV. Regardless of whether you are a Creator or consumer of content, you should definitely try IGTV. By the way, for the creators have some good news: it is expected that Instagram will introduce a monetization of the service next year.

Facebook Watch — videojapanese to a social network

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Before starting IGTV company Facebook, which owns Instagram, launched its own video hosting service called Facebook Watch. Launched in August 2017, platform Facebook Watch allows authors to create and publish videos in their accounts, using various promotion tools helping to broaden the audience. Facebook in partnership with many creators have launched original series to the service had their own exclusive content. Thus, like on YouTube, anyone can create your channel and publish videos on the platform.

Another advantage Facebook Watch is that it has the same YouTube program of income distribution. The Facebook audience is huge, so its active part also uses the video service social network, but due to the fact that the service is slowly gaining momentum, to speak about any serious successes yet.

Dailymotion is a French video soft policy

Logo Dailymotion antenna

Like YouTube, Dailymotion is a platform for hosting and sharing videos, where you can create an account and publish their work for public viewing. Advertising is present, as on YouTube, but here it is much less Intrusive, as the rules of publishing content. Do not have to create an account to view the video — the site has no age restrictions. However, imposing the policy of Dailymotion also means that someone is very easy to upload your videos yourself, and you probably won’t be able to do with it. That is why authors are encouraged to think before posting. But the audience did not need to think, because for watching videos online is a smart choice.

9Gag Video — a video Supplement to the popular website with jokes

9Gag Video — popular aggregator of videos from various platforms, which promotes a funny and potentially viral content types. If you don’t want to Wade through a sea of videos on YouTube to find interesting and fun movie to view, you can just go to 9Gag Video. The website 9Gag is a very popular resource with a huge number of funny pictures of it so I’m sure many have heard. So, 9Gag Video is the same, only with vidoegame. On the website do not have to register, so have a pleasant viewing.

Of course, on the selection of a good hosting do not end there, especially chtlo in it we have collected only the foreign counterparts of foreign YouTube. Someone may remember that we have something, for example, Yandex.The video, though it is about movies. Yes, Yandex is actually full of popular services, for example, take the same Zen, which, by the way, we also have a channel. Look down on occasion to read when I get tired of video content.

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