The best 8 advantages will come for iPhone iOS 12

Still iOS 12 in the experimental stage, but it offers more advantages that will come for iPhone, iPad, and the launch of the system to work this out, this is the most important 8 in my opinion:

1) set notifications

Finally, you’ll find the community notices each application group, to the user to deal with each notification individually or with each group of notifications.

2) application to measure distances

If you find yourself in the need to measure the length of anything, you can that through the application of AR Measure which depends on the main camera and augmented reality to lead his job.

3) time

The second generation of the name, the iPhone X, where you can create like your digital to control the color of skin color, shape of hair, facial recipes, for you to use in-app Messaging.

4) messages

Camera Messaging app you’ll get the filters and the advantages of new like lot like those into sense, and will add Stickers to photos via the apps store.

5) screen time

Or Screen Time which is a new feature you know the amount of time you spend on each application and the number of times you open the phone, there is also included another feature the name of her Downtime dedicated to prevent your access to certain apps at certain times as per your choice.

6) do not disturb

Won’t stop its function on its notifications, but not display them to the grid entirely if you so desire.

7) Safety Safari

Will the Safari browser to track calls of admiration and participate and comment on websites and means that Facebook will find it difficult to track your activity on other sites through your account registered on the browser.

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8) performance

Will focus the iOS update 12 to improve performance in general; hernia Apple to launch applications will be faster by 40%, and will increase the speed of launching the camera and deal with the keyboard, as well as addressing the problems of the battery, and wipe the face of the iPhone X after a failed first attempt where I won’t have to click on the PLAY button to try again.

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