The best 7 apps live wallpaper Live Wallpaper

Think live wallpapers “one of the features that you don’t have Apple devices”, and that is why they are one of the nurses that implementation of devices running Android, it possesses a huge base of knowledge, below we will review with you the best apps for wallpapers live on the Android system.

Forest Live Wallpaper is application Live Wallpaper delicious for Material Design, it is characterized by the participation of a simple forest management that alert for, where you can customize the colors to suit your taste and your needs, it’s application is also used to find out information about the weather, however, has got this app a great popularity, it’s application is really good, especially if you are looking for the simplest apps background Live.

Is Giraffe and a developer on the Google Play Store, which is doing two apps live background, the first is Clock Live Wallpaper a really fun, which shows you the actual time present, the application of the second is even more exciting is the application of wallpaper of your own that uses the structure of previous similar, although it is subject to the process of rebuilding at the current time, it must be very cool in the end.

Joko Interactive is another developer with many background apps live, and one of the most popular applications of which is the application of Minima Live Wallpaper is apps excellent, it works on Material Design and customization, as that there are also some unique species such as Paperland and Papersea and Fracta, and these are the developers who did some work for an old classic such as Light Light5 Grid, IT applications, characterized in that the background of its solid and fun.

Is KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is among the best apps live background, where it lets you make the backgrounds yourself, it gives you a WYSIWYG editor, it’s the application fairly easy to use, and includes some customization features from the previous data, Google Fit, weather, and system info, and even RSS feed your own, there are also some settings stylish graphics in which you can play through it, and paid it comes with most of the features, including the remove ads and some advanced features. it has tons of background apps brilliant live, and some of the most popular ones is the application of the Space Colony and the Supermassive Black Hole and Alien Shapes, and the Symphony of Colors and more, but most of them make a space-themed, space themed, they also have some customizable elements such as color, as that there are more than a dozen live wallpapers available for them, they won’t impress you, however, the background Moscaic 3D Live excellent too.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is one of backgrounds live, it replaces the wallpaper automatically by artistic classic, and you can also add your favorite images in the backgrounds that it provides, it’s the application comes with support Android Wear, in addition, there are many other applications that have support for Muzei, it’s undoubtedly among the applications the best.

Application Oajoo Device Info Live Wallpaper is the application of the system information on your home screen, where you will use your CPU and use the storage temperature and the battery and other information, it knows everything. the pattern of incomplete but useful, as you can customize the colors as you wish, plus it has feature support for tablets, it’s one of the latest apps background Live. However, it seems that it works fairly well with a minimum of errors that we expect to get better with time.


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