The best 6 sites to watch movies and series online

Often prefer to watch some movies and series online, we see the opening of the annoying ads that you cut off the fun and events, and be able to move in we would like to share it as we want, so we show you today the best 5 sites to watch movies and series online.

1) Netflix

Netflix dominates the conversation, if not the selection.

Is the Netflix service currently broadcast content, the first in the world to watch movies and series brilliant, although a paid service, monthly subscription starts from $ 8, except that the first month available for free and you can access them from here.

2) Cima4u

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The location of Cima4u of the most favorite sites many of the Arab countries, it gives films of Arab and foreign good quality and completely free, where you can visit it from here.

3) CimaClub

Site provides a particular club hundreds of films and serials Arab and foreign translation, and even Korean, it can be visited from here.

4) DarDarkom

The location of Dar of Dar of the more outstanding websites to provide many of the movies and series that suits different tastes, and can be visited from here.

5) 123movie

Offers 123movie a wide range of foreign films and serials is completely free, it is true that the site is in English, but it supports adding the Arabic translation of the other, and you can see it from here.

6) watched


Finally, we get to the site to see which offers the possibility of watching series, movies and programmes on a range channels of MBC (MBC) with high precision and free for several offers, or you can subscribe to watch plus at the price of $ 5 a month to watch all the movies and series, and can be reached from here.

Best 5 apps to watch movies and series online

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