The best 6 free apps to suit Apple Watch

I didn’t understand the Apple Watch on all the sales of smart phones until now, but that its sales planning sales of Swiss watches in the last quarter of 2017, despite the ability of its many, but there are always space to add more functions, here come the usefulness of the applications, and that’s why today we offer the best 6 free apps to suit the wonderful time.


This application presents the properties of the track cycling trips, jogging together with track your heart rate, mileage, in addition to provide challenges monthly.

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Nike+ Run Club

Targeting this app fan of running especially, where the patterns of different training with several awards and challenges.

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Microsoft Translator

Helps you this app when you travel on a foreign language with great support for the Apple TV.

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In case you want to learn a new language yourself, Sohn find that the application of the Babble will help you in this lot.

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Calcbot 2

This app features to integrate many of the tools to different accounts in one place, it allows the conversion between different units as well as for several other functions.

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Hours Time Tracking

This helps you app to track the time of day to help you know more things time-consuming through the day.

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