The best 6 apps Radio Radio Apps for Android!

There are an infinite number of ways to listen to music these days, which enables you to listen to the radio, watching music videos, although it is still the old methods (such as vinyl) are important as ever, although radio is not as common as in the past, but it is still a great way to discover new music these and in this article we would like to offer you the best radio apps for Android!

Not AccuRadio popular apps like Radio other, however, it is a good app featuring more than 1000 radio channel, and each channel of which are customizable by the listener, as there is a plan to the unlimited, rating system, and provides you with the application also the possibility to ban artists and songs from your station, becoming in the end a music station that you run the things that you want her only, but it contains some negative aspects, it does not support the feature of the Chromecast at the time of writing this report.

iHeartRadio is one of the most popular solutions for the radio, it contains a huge variety of stations to listen to, including stations FM and iHeartRadio’s mixed, as you can find the playlists didn’t want to run, playlists, seasonal things like Christmas or Halloween.

It’s a totally free application to use (supported by ads direct broadcast) it has stations, iHeartRadio also with Chromecast support and Android Wear, and you can get to experience a little bit better for the $ 5.99 monthly through paid version of it, and you can use All Access vs $ 12.99 per month for additional features, including the possibility to play songs upon request.

Is myTuner Radio compelling option another for those who like the content of a traditional radio station, it houses a superb collection of more than 50000 radio stations across the 200 countries and regions, in addition, contains the application to support the podcast, the categories for different types of music, and some little extras like sleep timer and the function of the alarm.

You can also get support for things like Android Auto and Sonos, although it constitutes a few of the comments users of low pimples sometimes, but that is an application of rock strong for traditional radio.

Perhaps Radio Pandora is the most popular application among all the radio apps, and the app enjoys flow music, random famous a great deal of success over the years, so instead of focusing on specific stations, and lets Pandora users create their own plants, about a favorite artist they have, or the type of music, or even about their favorite songs.

It also provides Pandora playlists for broadcast, but most people create their own listings, and you can also get an additional subscription to remove the ads for $ 4.99 per month, and you can also pay $ 9.99 USD monthly fully for Pandora Premium and get a play songs on demand with some other features.

Online radio is one of the most popular applications of traditional radio, features App hundreds of radio stations that cover all kinds of content ready for broadcast when you want, it includes all of the radio host over the internet as well as some FM stations that support the broadcast via the internet, and if you are a professional, you can get some additional features, including recording live radio and sleep, and more. It’s also a good option for people who wanted something simple without a bunch of extra things.

It was the application of SiriusXM Satellite Radio One of the most important applications away from the services of AM radio and FM standard, it also features more than 150 radio channel, including music channels, sports channels and Howard Stern distinguished, there are also three models to participate where you can choose from among them based on the content type that you want to listen to him.

Is advisable the application slowly and he seems stable enough now to be fun, but it still has some problems, so don’t expect a perfect experience of the app so far.


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