The best 6 apps for amateur photography on Android

Is photography one of the most popular hobbies, as it is a fun job when it requires the hobbyist, for, though most professionals use a camera DSLR can be for the amateur to use smart phones that have become enjoying the camera a sophisticated, yet can be dragged from some applications that may improve the photography experience.

1) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe has an excellent collection of apps phones photography most professional is Lightroom which supports the styles of photography and the raw file Raw which facilitates photo editing after that, it features photo editing tools, although the application presents its basic functions is free, you’ll find many of the advanced functions request a subscription.

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2) Apply the Magic ViewFinde

Camera apps, which bore this name turned phone interface for months digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Lomé reflected vein, where you can easily check in the export settings such as Focal length and ISO before you capture the photos rather than edit them after that.

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3) Snapseed

Probably is the best photo editor on Android, thanks to offer tools ranging from simple to complex, including support for raw files RAW Remover red-eye reduction and a powerful tool for the automatic but it is available sometimes on the picture itself and the type of scene, it also features dozens of filters and effects are simple.

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4) Moment Pro Camera

It is an application of photography to the new, and as the camera boasts the most shooting settings actually stylish, despite the limited advantages of export is relatively available updated more often during the coming months to be the best camera app on Android as on iOS, currently available for 2$ and features settings professional such as support for file extension RAW format, the image file of a reciprocal Exif along with a range of leading camera settings phones.

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5) HyperFocal Pro

For professional photographers, may find this app useful, though it does not meet the photo or burn it, it gives you a look at your camera settings and photography including depth of field angle and field of vision and the distance of the focal length, might be the fact simple but know the data quality is acceptable especially since the app is free and free of ads.

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6) Google image

Gives you storage space for images is limited, where you can save images to the cloud with high precision, but not complete accuracy unfortunately.

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