The best 5 phones of 2018 at an average price of 400 – 550 $


Was 2018 in phones available privilege to have improved versions of this year significantly so that some become compares the phones with a leader high-priced.
In this article, we present to you the best phones this year with a budget of $ 400 to $ 550 and are randomly arranged.

1 : the Galaxy A7

Samsung tried this year to make their mark in the world of phones available through this phone, the screen size of 6 inches and accurately +FHD and the wonderful thing it is Amoled, the processor Exynos 7885 next to several copies of the radio and for the first time in the medium category Find Phone B 3 cameras wallpaper first 24 mega pixels and the second for the wide-angle accurately 8 mega pixels and the third is 5-megapixel isolation from the background and regarding the front camera is strictly 24 Mega Pixel phone with a battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh and the price of the phone starts from $ 400 .

2 : phone Xiaomi mi Mix 3

Telephone Pioneer of Shawnee full-screen and priced at a very acceptable screen 6.4 inch accurately +FHD use ratio is a very important fact up to %64 protected with a layer of Gorilla glass processor 8 nuclei and is the same in most of the flagship phones next to several copies of RAM up to 10 GB, the phone comes with four cameras two cameras front two to take pictures of selfie, professional, and finally the battery has up to 3200 mAh and supports Quick Charging and wireless charging the price of the phone starts from 474 USD .

3 : phone Honor Note 10

I can collect between the expected price and strong performance, attractive design and battery big, screen phone giant 6.95 inch accurately +FHD and is of type Amoled processor 8 nuclei and is the category leader with several copies of RAM and storage memory with microSD, rear camera double and is taking pictures of high quality and the same goes for the front-facing camera that comes with 13 mega pixels battery capacity is huge and up to 5000 mAh also supports fast charging, The price of the phone ranges between 410 and $ 530 depending on the version of RAM and storage memory .

4 : phone Oneplus 6T

The title of his other killer flagship phones of more things that distinguish it from rivals is a fingerprint sensor built-in to the network the phone comes with a screen 6.41 inch accurately +FHD protected with a layer of Gorilla glass 6 processor 8 the nuclei of the leading category will give you a very strong performance next to the Ram 6 or 8 GB rear camera double the first 16 mega pixel and a second 20 mega pixel isolation from the background and there are many styles and options found in the camera that makes your photos distinctive and professional in all lighting conditions and the same applies to the front camera that comes accurately 16 mega pixel camera on the battery is with a capacity of 3700 mAh and is support Fast shipping and starts the phone’s price from $ 550 to copy the Ram to 6 GB and the memory storage of 128 GB .

5 : phone Huawei Nova 3

Older brother to Nova 3A combining strong performance and good camera and design sea and the price is above average, the screen is 6.3 inches and the Strictly +FHD processor of Huawei 8 nuclei and is a very good use of intense and strong next to the Ram 6 or the 4 GB and the memory storage of 128 GB with microSD, rear camera images are very good by the Justice Assistance for insulation from the background and also supported by the artificial intelligence and the same applies on the front camera which comes is the other double, the battery 3750 mAh support Fast shipping and price starts from $ 490 .

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