The best 5 games cart for

In the recent period we have noticed widespread of the Arab Games stores electronic games on Android and iPhone, which have been developed by the developers of the cart they can and the Discover suitable games world-renowned.

And download games character one, but were scattered in all classifications of the information to the adventures and memories and ActionScript and others, means that whatever your taste in games will be what you’re looking for.

Today we give you 5 games cart distinctive phones, which are as follows:

1 ) the game freaked out

A game of Arab fighter to the game Clash of Clans is famous, and is one of the strategy games brilliant very successful acceptable since its launch which keeps the wars of the Arab tribes of old.

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2 ) the game Call War – Empire of steel

Is one of the most famous Arab Games in the rating Wars action, a strategy game from a first-class, where you can develop stronger weapons and armies and all kinds of expansion tanks for patch you defeated your opponents.

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3 ) the game challenge the throne

The game is featured come under the classification of games, learning and fun, where they are performing the idea your balance will increase your language with the word new, as it allows you to face your phone or your friends and family.

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4 ) the game the king of delivery – Awad Abu lip

Is one of the best Arab Games under the classification of race and adventure but in a fun way and non-credit, where to
On Awad Abu lip is the leader of the region and do deliveries to get his friend out reparation and in-Game policies three-dimensional unique, instead of Abu flange is the superior driver in an old shipping orders in a timely manner and love the streets of Amman was seeking the title ” King of delivery “.

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5 ) word game balls

Is a puzzle game featured during its exploration outside of the Arab world by bypassing the stages varied and interesting in different areas such as proverbs and general information the crossword puzzles and connect the words and others.

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