The best 5 apps VR for Google Cardboard

I started VR to become a big deal. It has led to the proliferation of headphones such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR and others to promote the popularity of the statute. However, can any of them be approaching the ability to afford the cost of Google Cardboard. There is no doubt that anyone who succeeded in choosing one of them over the past two years looking for some great apps that can be used. That’s why here are the best applications of VR for Google Cardboard.

Play Cardboard player is a unique video for Google Cardboard. It lets you view your movies two-and three-dimensional cinema, virtual without a lot of hassle. It also supports video content, 360 degrees and 180 degrees. The app also supports many video codecs, and also has simple controls, which actually works well.

You must have this app is the Google Cardboard official. You can use the app to prepare experience Cardboard your. They also have some of the experiences of VR. You can use Google Earth for, or take a trip to Versailles Versailles in virtual reality. In addition, the app lets you view your videos, photos, and other VR content stored on your device. And most importantly, he needs to guide the development of VR games that makes finding new things much easier. But not identified Google this app since 2016 this is an exciting to. However, we still recommend that you do now because it’s the only app that does what it does.

Is camera Cardboard another one of VR applications that have a lot of fun. Vince concentration this app to capture the picture of the VR that you can watch them in VR. It’s extremely easy to use, and Google asks you to sign up in any accounts or anything ridiculous to start using it. Just download it and open it and use it. It may take some time to adapt to your use and will not be VR’s first amazing, but its so much fun.

Expeditions is an educational application intended for use in the environment of the classroom. However, you can use it anywhere you want. Where the application of more than 200 campaign, you can engage in. You will be able to check the destinations and the different terrain terrestrial and aquatic plants and many other places through its use. As he lay there 360 degrees works without Cardboard if you need it, the app is fairly easy to use. It’s also completely free, which is nice. Means the Google culture and the arts to apply a great new technology-virtual reality of Google. The only complaint that we have is that the excursions sometimes suffer from communication errors.

Fulldive VR request on the same platform browse the VR. What this means exactly is that the app will help you find a large number of VR content and view it from all over the web. This app also contains support for video VR from YouTube, video player and VR built-in, and even browser VR to view online content. There is also a camera and photo library to take pictures of VR and for more apps and games for VR. It’s definitely one of the VR applications that is worth checking out. As it’s free to download. As it turns out, it’s also wonderful games for the Daydream!

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