The best 5 apps UVs for Android

Was Office Applications Center valuable to deal for many years. We use them for a variety of purposes, including the drafting of documents, creation of spreadsheets, presentations, and track what is happening. Where not completed any of the group’s productivity without them and used by almost everyone, even children. For the Office applications are considered the best than it was before. The following is here are the Best Office apps present for Android!

  • Docs To Go ™ Free Office Suite

Docs to Go is the application of old existed some time ago. However, is still receiving new features and updates. It also contains basics, such as word processing, edit spreadsheets and modify the presentation. It does an excellent job by allowing you to do these things without a lot of settings. As you say the paid version of unlock files secured with a password, save it and download it from cloud storage sites, and sync files with your desktop. It’s not great in every location you play through it, but one of the Office applications most consistent.

Docs To Go ™ Free Office Suite

  • Google Drive

The Google Drive is a favorite among our readers and many other readers. Where this application contains a full range of Office applications, including PDF viewer, Google Docs and Google Sheets and Google Slides and of course Google Drive is the drive the services hub. He’s already applying cloud storage you can view your files or create new files. Will open any document in Google Drive to open the appropriate application automatically. All that absolutely free you do not need to increase the area of Google Drive. Where you can get 100 GB for $ 1.99 per month, while a range of plans to 10 TB versus $ 99.99 in the month. Also, all the applications are also very simple to use. It’s a all in one solution is good for most people.

Google Drive

  • Microsoft Corporation

I took Microsoft time in publishing their applications for office on mobile devices. Then it may become instantly between apps better. You can also download the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through free of charge. And also think most of its functions are available without paying a dime. You’ll be able to open and save files, and use most of the adjustment tools, and more. Can also sync these files with the desktop via OneDrive. You can also get the Office 365 subscription which will unlock some additional features. However, it is not essential in the core benefits.

Microsoft Corporation

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an application that lets you remotely control your pc from your mobile device. As it takes a bit of time to set it up. Where you must equip your pc for remote access, and then connecting it to this application. However, after that, you can do whatever you want. It also includes access to the Office program on the computer your actual. It’s weird, but it’s perfectly legitimate. The application Chrome Remote Desktop application is also excellent, another does the same thing basically. But not working Microsoft Remote Desktop well on Chromebooks yet, but we expect the future updates that may add this function.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is a favorite app since a long time for many people. I changed the app a lot from the first days. It seems that the software developers at the current time, save this group to something akin to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. In this way they got their solution to cloud storage. Also available most of the basic features in the free version of it and that’s good news. But I hear the paid version of scan PDF, package line compatible with Microsoft, checker spelling, and additional support documents. It’s one of the best Office applications. He is also among the most expensive of these apps. Women ageing pro from them at a price of $ 19.99 while the Pro version improved of them work worth $ 29.99. Both payment options one, not subscriptions.


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