The best 3 one the android for the first half of 2018

We ask on the application that changes the way we do our apps look and interact with it on Android The name of the line, the composed line of Usually of a series of home screens where we can arrange application shortcuts and tools to the side of the app drawer, there are a huge number of car available in the Play Store, and in this article we suggest one of the best 3 one free available in the first half of 2018.

Microsoft Launcher

To download from the store Google Play (link)

With as Microsoft formerly known as Arrow Launcher, you can customize your Android device and change the backgrounds, colors, features, and app icons etc. With Microsoft account you can access your calendar, documents, and activities that have been recently in your feed profile, and you can also access photos, documents and web pages that you have opened on your Windows PC, in addition to the many features and other additions.

Nova Launcher

To download from the store Google Play (link)

As Nova is the best in his field, and allows you to customize a wide range of changing application icons and font sizes and font color and size, while providing a huge collection of themes and wallpapers available for free download, sign contained fully on the design of the materials, the design, in short it will save you the app experience and performance of all of the series.

Smart Launcher 5

To download from the store Google Play (link)

Got one Smart Launcher 5 update last resort bring many completely new features and better ways to customize the form of Android devices, the new version comes from a line in the language of an entirely new design called “design drop” the main objective of this design is to put your apps most used at the bottom with respect to top and middle content news visual other.

In the upper part of the screen, you will now see a new tool that displays the time and weather, calendar appointments, and the next, has also been moved search bar to the bottom of the screen. And feature page of the same search planning the design now allows you to create new contacts, conducting accounts, etc.

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