The best 10 apps you can try according to Apple

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Learn company Apple to the most beautiful applications on the operating system iOS every year, and soon this case became one of the prestigious awards the interests of applications.

And announcement of awards the Apple TV for education and distributed through Developers Conference “WWDC”, which is the annual conference which lasts a week at Apple where he meets the managers of the company with the developers and offer what comes out of the tube with respect to the software, and in this general use of the Apple company needs to finish the first day of the conference, where they announced the 10 winners from all over the world.

Weren’t applications that have been tested necessarily famous, they also vary in terms of type, some productivity applications, and many of them games, but they show the artistic creations of the developers who reflect the best in design, innovation and technology on the platform of Apple, according to Apple.

The best 10 apps you can try according to Apple


Application to take notes which is a memo focusing on the history with the application for planning and documenting your projects, and enjoy the app to schedule unique and gives the app also a complete picture of the past, present and future, pushing your projects forward, which is available for free.


Is the author of the music is fun and intuitive and allows children to discover the creative world of the music industry, the preparation of a drum loop, have graphics on the form of animals to add more fun to children during use, you can get the app for the $ 3.99.


Calculator application modern all for your daily use, it helps you to do your account of the everyday athlete is more elegant, and one of its features is a new “memory area”, where you can store several numerical values and re-used across sessions multiple account with simple interaction, and has the unique feature to bookmark where you can save any of your account with the date and address for future reference, and for Calzy 3 to clarify the result of the calculation in English and 65 other language, you can get the app for $ 1.99.

iTranslate Converse

The application helps in turning your iPhone into a translation of it is new application development, where you can speak directly into the microphone and then greeted the results are wonderful in addition lets you create the experience of normal conversation, which is available for free.

Triton Sponge

Triton Sponge is a part of a group application of Gauss Surgical operating room, he uses the image processing algorithm to calculate the amount of blood lost to sponges, and is the first and only app in the world to provide real-time blood loss during the surgery, you can experience the app for free.


Think Florence book interactive from the main source award-winning in Monument Valley, it is about the first love for girls, and you can get it for $ 2.99.

Playdead’s INSIDE

Game all featuring graphics realism, you can start the game for free, then you should upgrade.

Alto’s Odyssey

Game Odyssey is a game and a beautifully landscaped, where it runs behind the horizon of the desert the majestic and vast and unexplored, join Alto and his friends set off on an endless journey to discover its secrets, and you can get it for $ 4.99.


Send tracks to guide the objects flowing into the planets, and the creatures of all the countless appear of light and to bring balance to the world in perpetual motion and the discovery of secrets, you can get the game for $ 4.99.


Struggling for life in the village and deserves a place in Valhalla, and is avoided by his fellow Vikings must lose himself of its potential miserable. One of these days be offered a chance to prove himself, the game is all you can get it for $ 4.99.

The best 10 apps you can try according to Apple

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