The beginning of sales iPhone X: Apple’s Comeback?

The third of November 2017, 8 o’clock in the morning, the future had invaded the planet Earth. I mean, the iPhone X. the Holiday quarter, the activity of the buying public is growing every day – and iPhone without the Home button, with a price tag of $ 999 and above, suddenly formed a huge queue. This was not for several years. Is it again possible?

It was a success, but still not like before. The number of sold iPhone X for the first three days did not report to the public. Clash with reality is always a challenge, iPhone X did it – but not without problems. He froze and fell into a coma at zero (Celsius) temperatures. Syndrome disappeared after a few seconds, but when the phone is nearly a hundred thousand roubles will not respond to touch, shock. Problems with the battery (in some instances, but there were), Face ID was slower than Touch ID, even the most durable glass in the world still beats. Do not make yourself an idol?

Apple store in Chicago, November 3, 2017:

The Apple store on 5th Avenue, new York November 3, 2017:

Actually everything was very good. Change was too much to not be wrong. Users had to be retrained to get used to a new dialect of sign language, which is always risky and fraught with trouble. But it worked out. It turned out even a little too well, because of what Apple has come to far reaching conclusions. In the new “X” (that’s Roman numeral 10 as in Mac OS X), whose development was nearing completion, the focus. People are willing to pay more for technical miracles? No problem!

Three did not work

In 2017 current iPhone models was three. The greatest interest has caused a predictable iPhone X, with the code name Ferrari, but its sales was to begin in November. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were in an unpleasant situation: their third brother, not yet born, could not damage their sales. There are quite a few “sick Apple”, prepared every year to buy the latest iPhone model, and many of them are ready to deny ourselves in everything. They decided not to spend money on the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Sales of “classic couples”, however, was very good. Accurate information on sales volumes of specific models and configurations Apple doesn’t provide, but there is indirect information allowing to evaluate them. Sales lead iPhone 8 Plus reserves of which in retail more and faster exhausted, but iPhone and 8 went well. Neither one nor the other record was not, but according to experts in October 2017 were sold to two or two and a half million eights.

The release of “tens” smashed all these blessings immediately thereafter. In the first half of November, both “eight” almost sold. Either in retail or online. Everybody wanted the iPhone X. of Course, the cost of creating “dozens” on the order of a superior cost on both “eight” together, but they have cost Apple dearly. Hardly another couple million sold eights pays for these costs. Once, for fear of “cannibalism”, the Apple II was destroyed as soon as its popularity went up. Third iPad mini technical data which could not fail to attract the audience, was postponed. It could harm the sales of the new iPad Air.

And here, perhaps to demonstrate to all who are accused Apple of exaggerating the danger as it is terrible and serious, the range of the iPhone have included a predator that was impossible to resist. However, after some time, tasted the product and assessing it at its true worth, the market once again drew attention to the “eight”. But not all of them. Sales of the iPhone 8 Plus on par with the iPhone But the iPhone X. 8 was actually driven out of the market. Its production had to be stopped.

Inventories decreased very slowly. Special aggravation of the market have not helped. And in January-February of 2018, according to one of the employees of the Apple Store in London, almost every second visitor I did not know anything about the iPhone 8. It was clear that cheap smartphones “easier” is useless. Actually that’s not entirely true, but to see this required one of two things: either a genius, able to see the world in all its complex contradictions, or simply to try and see what happens.


And yet, the days when smart phones were sold like a cold soda on a hot day gone. They were made in the country of economic miracles, where copyright, patents and other nonsense was not honored. Engineering workforce in these countries could play almost all the new giants face uncommon expression attracted the attention of buyers. Not all, but much cheaper. Cheaper to copy than to invent, to find solutions to complex problems, painful try the option with the option to come up with more sophisticated testing technologies.

Why iPhone X was a success? Whether had sense to move in that direction? Did this success causes one-time nature? By the way, in 2017, not without a red flag, anticipating a rapidly approaching trouble. But more on this next time.

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