The beginning of next year.. Apple abandon months the components of the iPhone

Recent reports confirm that the company Apple is on its way to one of the most famous components by air knowledge, which adopted them since the advent of the iPhone the first by about 12 years, where it seems that the beginning of next year, we will witness the release of Apple phones without screens as well as LCD.

Apple without LCD

In 2007, exposed the spiritual father of Apple, Steve Jobs, about the first iPhones of his foundation, where the smart device is powered with an LCD screen, what continued for many years, so it’s time to change apparently.

Confirmed report of the special crime of Wall Street famous, it’s the beginning of 2020, will take Apple about one of the most famous components that increased its smartphone, namely LCD screens, that I knew their cost is high compared to what showed up later.

Apple has recently adopted in industry, some of the phones iPhone precious, OLED displays her preference in terms of quality, as we have seen with the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, they resorted to the LCD screens also by 2018 the past, for reasons pertaining to cost, what appeared through the iPhone XR.

Last year

See the experts and analysts that the current year will be the last witness the emergence of devices iPhone supported screen LCD, where you’re supposed to believe Apple through 2019 th, sequel iPhones XR, components of the LCD as previously mentioned, the sign of the dual camera lenses at the back unlike last year’s version, which cost about $ 749.

It is expected to reveal Apple during the current year for the sequel for the iPhone XS, a camera double lens in the rear also, but those phones will screen OLED, such as a copy of last year.

It was 2018, you may have seen some of the events are not happy for Apple in the end, with the advent of the month of November specifically, when the company decided to prevent suppliers from making any phones brand new iPhone, due to weak demand for its smart, which referred to several reports confirmed that customers have become less interactive with the recent generations of phones the iPhone, compared to the recent past.

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