The battery power.. way to activate the “night mode” on the messenger

Allowed the company Facebook to 1.3 million to develop Messenger, the feature “Night Mode” or what is known as the “dark mode or dark”.

It is possible to activate the new mode from the settings menu, after that was available to some users only in 2018.

Provided the “Facebook” of this situation before, but it was the users send emoji icon to “crescent moon” during the DRDs individual or group to get it, and that was to test the new situation.

Activation method

يوفر طاقة البطارية.. طريقة تفعيل «الوضع الليلي» على ماسنجر

Users can application Messenger use the night mode, by going to Settings, by tapping on the profile picture in the app, where you will be ing a new”dark mode” at the top.

The new situation is not just a feature useful for, but also help in maintaining the battery devices Android, where they consume less energy, as announced by “Google”.

If you are unable to activate the new mode, from the settings menu, you must update the app, and spread that water also on the iPhone devices that are running “iOS”.

Activation on a computer

يوفر طاقة البطارية.. طريقة تفعيل «الوضع الليلي» على ماسنجر

Users can Messenger do download vulnerable new computer, and need it to start install “Chrome Canary”, this is a trial version of the browser you use “Google” to test new features before introducing them on a wider scale”.

And developers can use it to learn how to balance their sites with future versions of Google Chrome, they are a very useful tool, but it may contain errors, so do not recommend that you make it the standard browser, especially those works that include sensitive information, such as banking or shopping.

Once you install the “Canary”, click with the mouse right click on the desktop icon, and select “Properties”, and select the place, and after the word “\chrome.exe” use one space and as a library page above, and click”Apply”, then “OK” to save the changes.

The next time you open “Chrome Canary”, will start Dark Mode in action, as you can refer to the situation the standard white simply by removing the additional text.

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