The battery of your smartphone can tell you

The attackers can track the user activity by analyzing data on energy consumption of their smartphones. This writes The Register , citing a study group of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin, and the Israeli Institute of technology.

What can you tell about the battery of the smartphone

In the experiment, the researchers have equipped the battery with a microcontroller that monitored the surges with sampling rate up to 1 kHz. The data obtained were subsequently correlated with the consumption of almost any process performed on the smartphone, clicking on a particular key until the phone call.

“Together, these [microcontroller] allow to form a clear idea about the user activity, than to a considerable extent undermine the foundations of security, the study says. — The voltage drops are a source of enormous amounts of information, revealing information about a user has visited websites and typed messages.”

Is it so dangerous?

For all its danger to users ‘ privacy, experts stress that the described method of surveillance very difficult to implement. As an attacker, before you start shadowing, you want to physically take possession of the device victims and to make certain actions with it, should not be given this way too much importance.

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