The average size of the blocks of Bitcoin consistently above one megabyte

The Bitcoin network regularly produces a block size more MB. Recall Segregated Witness (SegWit) the size of one block was limited to this amount. Information reports Bitcoinist.

Units of Bitcoin become more

The main popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing. Judging from the transaction, Bitcoin is now used as often as never before. The study of crypto currency exchange BitMex has revealed that the size of most of the new blocks on the network of the coin exceeds the megabytes. According to the service the average unit size climbed to 1.06 MB.

After upgrading to SegWit in August 2017 old limit gradually goes down in history.

The problem of raising the limit on the size of the blocks of Bitcoin has been particularly acute during the record high cost of transaction of cryptocurrency. SegWit was an optional update, so months passed before the Commission in the network of Bitcoin fell to a low of.

SegWit also opened the way to the Lightning Network. Theoretically, the speed of transactions in LN could bypass Visa and PayPal several times. Recall that these processors can handle millions of money transfers per second.

I hope it will happen soon, and then about the benefits of crypts is recognized and usual Bank customers.


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