The average IQ of Europeans has declined since the 1970-ies

A group of researchers from the Center for economic research, Ragnar Frisch in Norway found that performance IQ tests slowly decreased over the last several decades. In a paper published in PNAS, burnt Bratsberg and OLE Rogeberg described your research and results and their possible explanation. Earlier studies have shown that people umnel in the first half of the last century, judging by the measurements of factor of intelligence — this trend called the Flynn effect. For its explanation it was suggested different theories, including improved nutrition, health, education, etc. Any factors that help people to become intelligent adults. But now, according to researchers from Norvegiei, this trend ended. Instead get smarter, people get dumber.

The study consisted in the analysis of IQ test results, conducted among young people entering the army in Norway from 1970 to 2009. All were analyzed 730 000 results. By studying the data, researchers found that scores decreased by an average of seven points in a generation — the exact opposite results that were about 70 years ago.

But it’s not all bad news. The researchers also found some differences between family groups and suggested that some of these changes can be caused by environmental factors. The role could be played by lifestyle change, including in the educational system, children are reading less and playing more video games. Similar results obtained by English scientists in the UK test results of intelligence quotient was reduced by 2.5 — 4.3 points every ten years. Last December scientists from the USA found that children who ate a lot of fish as they grow older, tend to have higher IQ. Remarkably, children in many countries in the modern world eat very little fish.

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