The author of the bestseller “Rich dad, poor dad” supported cryptocurrencies

The author of the bestseller “Rich dad, poor dad” Robert Kiyosaki intervened in the epic struggle of the Bitcoin vs Federal reserve of the United States. The writer, whose book has sold 32 million copies in 40 countries, is inclined to the side of cryptoendoliths. He likes the idea behind the Bitcoin, but he is in no hurry to use the crypt.

David vs Goliath

Kiyosaki gave an exclusive interview to Bloomberg in which he answered some questions regarding the new asset class like Bitcoin.

I think it’s very interesting. They [cryptomnesia] come to grips with the Federal reserve system of the USA, one of the strongest banking institutions that have ever been created by man. And they fight on foreign soil. I think there comes a very exciting time.

However, Robert is not yet ready to buy cryptocurrency. According to him, he is quite conservative in the choice of trading instruments, but advises others to “follow their own hearts”.

Personally, I am very far from modern technology, even the phone are hard to. So I better stay away from cryptocurrencies. If you are young and you like the crypt, then this is for you. Again, do what you like. I love business, gold and debt as money — because in 1971 the dollar became the global debt — not to pay taxes legally.

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From Kiyosaki is a fresh prediction about the next financial crisis. According to the financier, it will happen in the period from 2022 to 2025. It will cause problems in the pension sector. We can assume that the crisis starts with difficulties in the USA and then spread around the world.

Earlier this week, former Bank of England Governor Mervyn king said the global economy “blindly go” to the next financial crisis. And the coming collapse will be much worse than the events of 2008. Bitcoin can be a profitable way to preserve capital during a General panic.

This is one of the two possible options for the future of Bitcoin during the recession of the economy. The cryptocurrency can also significantly collapse, because hodlers need Fiat money to purchase goods and services. They will be forced to sell cryptocurrency savings and thereby drop rate of the coins. In accordance with the law of supply and demand the number of available for sale BTC will increase so that people would be willing to sell them cheaper — just to get them dollars or other currency.

By the way, Bitcoin constantly criticize the haters and major news publications. Earlier we talked about the five most famous cases, when analysts were predicting the death of the cryptocurrency. Some of them even apologized for their words.

The beginning of the year following the economic crisis are likely to know in our cryptodata millionaires. Join us!


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