The author of the application to TikTok evolution of the music streaming service

Company ByteDance Chinese working in earnest to take advantage of their current success with their application TikTok, as announced yesterday the launch of a new application in the field of chat support Flipchat Linda to package their applications such as Helo, and Vigo, revealed a new report about its work on the music streaming service is expected to launch next July.

Got the police on the rights of the music content of the two major Indian companies in the field of artistic production is T-series and Times Music and now its negotiations with global companies that own the copyright.

Hosting company applied the real killer emerging markets, will benefit from a library of songs limited in application to TikTok.

But the competition that will be faced by the Chinese company great, not only from international competitors such as Apple TV Music Spotify, and even of domestic rivals such as QQ Music in China and Saavn, Gaana, Jio Music, and Hungama in India.

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