The Australian government has banned Huawei and ZTE interfere in the development of 5G

Major Chinese manufacturers of network equipment and other equipment are not allowed to develop in the international market, fearing for their own safety.

We are talking about Huawei and ZTE. Australia has banned these companies to provide the country with equipment for the development of 5G networks, which is scheduled to start in 2019.

On Twitter, the Australian unit of Huawei said the following:

We have been informed by the government (Australian) that provision of 5G-technology from Huawei and ZTE were blocked. This is an extremely disappointing outcome for consumers. Huawei is a global leader in 5G. Safely provided wireless technologies Australia for 15 years.

The concern of the Australian government understood against the background of the new law in China that all Chinese organizations and citizens are obliged to provide necessary information to national intelligence agencies on request.

Probably for the same reason the US government banned the use of any equipment Huawei and ZTE in public institutions.

The problem is also technical. If you believe the government of Australia, 5G networks from a technical point of view different from the current ones and create new risks and a threat to national security. The new architecture allows to bypass current solutions for security. The government has so far failed to find technical means to reduce the risk in 5G networks.

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