The audacity year: fraudsters sold an app to Google Play under the guise of Ethereum. And well earned

In late July, the Ethereum community members expressed concern about the most popular dApp called Fomo3D. At that time, it invested 180 thousand esters, and further investment could jeopardize the entire network.

Now in the app store Google Play a Scam-app is on an unprecedented scale. It’s called Ethereum is around 388 $ and after downloading show on the screen the logo of cryptocurrencies. More nothing happens, writes Cointelegraph.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a Scam cryptocurrency

The application drew the attention of the specialist in information security from Slovakia Lucas Stefanko. The analyst drew attention to the fact that its Creator stated, Google Commerce Ltd, which in fact does not exist, all current products of the company signed by Google LLC. Who in fact is developed by unknown.

At the moment the application has been downloaded already 100 people — this means that the scammers have earned at least 38,8 thousand dollars. Perhaps this is one of the easiest money in the history of cryptomnesia — attackers need only download the app store the installation file, and install fees for it.

After the publication of data about the app on Twitter and media Google removed the app from the Play Store. Moreover, the staff did not respond to a request of the publication to comment on how the fraudsters managed to pass moderation.

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