The asset can’t grow from zero to billion without bubbles. Review Eric Voorhis

The sudden growth of Bitcoin in the second quarter of 2019 has caused excitement in cryptosuite. The latter now claim that the bear market is finally over. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, chief Executive officer Shapeshift Erik Voorhees shared his opinion about the current bullrun. He also thought about on the topic of bubbles, through which had to pass Bitcoin.

According to Voorhees, the first cryptocurrency evolving “cycles”, and these UPS and downs it is quite typical speculative asset.

In the market there are always 4-5 bubbles, it’s cyclical. Many people in the space in anticipation of a bear market. They are waiting for any indicators that will indicate the right time for investment. Bitcoin has already passed through several bubbles in its history, but this is quite normal, while the obvious benefits of these bubbles.

In his opinion, have meaning only 10-20 of the top cryptocurrencies, as the rest have absolutely no effect on the market. During the interview Eric was asked about whether he sees now bubble patterns. Of Voorhees, said he sees only “signs Bitcoin, which took over the world”.

In fact, none of the asset can reach from zero to a billion dollars without a good swap. It is a fact. The speculative nature of the coins will continue until, until people start to use bitcoins in real life.

It should be noted, not so long ago he had already expressed a similar point of view in one of the tweets. According to him, “assets like Bitcoin can’t continue to grow for many years”. Especially if the technology has not been established.

What do you think, is it possible to put an end to the bear market and investors are ready again to rock Bitcoin to new record highs? Share your opinion happens in cryptodata of hontarov, come in.

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