The arrival of the iOS update 12.1.3 to bring reforms to become images in the messages

وصول تحديث iOS 12.1.3 بجلب إصلاحات لتصفح الصور في الرسائل

Apple launched a new update system run on smart devices version iOS 12.1.3, which brought improvements to the iPhone, iPad, and home iPod. Worked Apple TV updated to fix 4 problems with iPhone, iPad and two for homework help home iPod.

The update is most important for phones and tablets is a fixed a problem display images while browsing in the messages when you view its status details, in came the second reform around the problem of the appearance of images when sent via the ” Share Sheet”, and the second reform to decipher a problem involving the scattering of sound when using sound equipment outside on the iPad Pro.

How to update iOS 12.1.3 forward repair system Auto CarPlay, where there was a problem with the connection between the system and the identity of the iPhone three years; XR, Xs, and XS Max.

The devices home iPod was updated the system is not designed to solve two problems, the first was to cause a re-run domestic helper, in a second cause stop Siri from listening to orders.

On the other hand, the company has announced a new update for its launch version WatchOS 5.1.3, which included improvements to the system and fix some of the problems.

iOS 12.1.3

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