The Arabic language arrived in Pilot Assistant Google Google Assistant

Announced Google today announced support for more languages for the Intelligent Assistant Google Assistant where it was the launch of the Polish language officially bringing the number of supported languages more than 18 languages, operating in more than 38 countries.

On the other side as is clear in the title of the news it seems that the Arabic language about to be added Also for the audio tour where they were launching the beta version is already for some users in Saudi Arabia this means that the official launch of the foundations of content in Arabic has become closer than ever.

Google had promised in the conference of the developers to Plugin the personal Google Assistant Master 38 languages in will be in 80 countries by the end of 2018 during the last weeks it was launched already in more than one state and it seems that role has come to the users in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE according to the map published by Google then.


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