The appointment of Adam Moses buyer as the new head into

تعيين أدم موسيري رئيسًا جديدًا لإنستقرام

After internal disagreements, which affected Facebook and its companies, announced last week the founding member of Instagram where they will be Kevin’s sister and Mike Krieger about leaving them for and the search for a new challenge in their lives, but before they leave the official had to choose a new president of the company, which is what happened with the appointment of Adam Moses buyer.

Came to test Kevin’s sister and Mike Krieger for the new president to build on his previous experience with them, where he was serving as president of the company’s products, and promoted new product to complete the success of the application.

It was Adam, Moses had begun his life as a source of free, and then joined Facebook in 2018, has been able to upgrade in his job within the company from design to product management, then in the news section, phones, after which he joined Instagram where they will be in the position of Product Manager. Now it will be the president of the company and supervisors on the subdivision and all the other CEOs.

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