The application Waze for iOS gets new update brings with IT support for Siri Shortcuts


If you use the app Waze on your iPhone, you might be interested in an upgrade to his recent application which brings with it finally support for Siri Shortcuts. What this means is that using Siri Shortcuts, the users will be able to register the shortcuts to go to the house, and move to action, and move to their favorite places, etc. of other things, and all that by directing a simple voice command to Siri.

In case you haven’t heard about Siri Shortcuts before, this new feature has Apple launched with iOS 12. Basically, working Siri Shortcuts for short simple where users will be able to hide a set of tasks and execute them all using one voice command or click of a button instead of doing all the task individually using voice commands multiple. The feature allow users to create http own and share them with other users.

Add apps slowly its support to Siri Shortcuts since the launch of the water. But according to a recent report, it warned one of the developers from the possibility to use Siri Shortcuts to steal personal information of users. Given that Apple does not scan the shortcut that is created and shared by users, there is no any control on it unlike the apps that are displayed on the Store iTunes App Store.

Fortunately there weren’t any reports of users exposed their personal data theft due to these shortcuts, but maybe it would be better not to install the shortcut that you find on the web.


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