The application Truecaller now supports the call recording feature

تطبيق Truecaller يدعم الآن ميزة تسجيل المكالمات

As always the team work of the application Truecaller and try not to put an end to harassment and fraudulent calls, the company announced today the addition of a new feature for the supports only Android operating system, namely, the possibility to record calls, and you must help this feature for new users in tracking conversations and conversations in general.

It is known to use people to develop Truecaller is only to combat the potential needs and unacceptable, I have had to investigate important place in the protection of calls and SMS and you have the right to know who’s trying to contact you.

In respect of the new feature, alas, was included in the paid version “Premium”, in addition to the other features as “who watched my profile” and free of ads, requests for Contact and Company Profile, with reference to the company indicated that it will allow all users to experience the call recording feature free for 14 days.

Finally keep in mind that the recorded calls are not maintained across the servers of your company, only to be saved in user’s PC, now to download the update go to his page in the store Google Play from here.

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