The application Poweramp is finally named Chrome Cast Assistant Google

تطبيق Poweramp يدعم أخيرًا الكروم كاست ومساعد قوقل

If you remember the team work of the application Poweramp and rich from the definition, the renewed application after a period lasted three years of not cleansing, and before about a month from now added compatibility with Android Auto, and now there is another update and New come benefits must be enjoyed by every media player, and support for Chrome Cast and voice commands through the Assistant Google.

As there are new settings to run Chromium Dreamcast, allows user to choose the sound quality and the size of the buffer is loved more, and with the support of the assistant to Google the user will be able to start or stop or repeat or play the next track or even refer to the previous track via voice commands.

If the application is not in use on the phone, you can select “Run on Poweramp” will act, the assistant what to do, and finally these features and is now available as an update on the application page of Poweramp from the store Google Play, or simply you can download it via file the APK from here.

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