The application Pixelmator Photo image editing now available on iPad

The recently launched application development team Pixelmator a special version of the app for your iPad, which is coming with special privileges on behalf of the Pixelmator Photo, so that it focuses on the service is protected in the amendment of their photographic images.

The app is available in the App Store now for $ 4.99. It takes the essence of the experience Pixelmator Pro to the interface has been tuned to work specifically for your iPad tablet.

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Version Pixelmator Pro (وPixelmator older for iPad) includes a complete toolbox for editing images, including modification of standards for color effects and shapes, and more. The application Pixelmator Photo work on improving the photo editing experience captured by the camera, in addition to the interface using a whole new iPad.

تطبيق Pixelmator Photo

Can App edit JPEG images, or RAW that have been picked from more than 500 camera.

Lets you also access to adjustments of exposure, brightness, and shadows, and color, shadows, and much more. It also includes a tool diagram to improve the sound by adjusting the curves and levels as in the application of computers desktop, and many other advantages.

Also supports tools for the automated to speed up the editing using the ML Enhance automatic. Since all editing operations in the Pixelmator Photo is not a spoiler page, it can undo the changes made by the algorithm automatic.

You can download the app now from the Store App Store at a price of $ 4.99.

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