The application of Unfold to create a story special and share it on Instagram where they and Facebook and Snapchat

تطبيق Unfold لإنشاء ستوري مُميز ومشاركته على إنستقرام وفيسبوك وسناب شات

Longer feature story or see one of the most important main advantages for both Snapchat and Facebook as well as Instagram where they, where it interacts with this feature, a lot of users, say all of the right, that this feature was unique with Snapchat, and then copy its Facebook whether their main application, or service owned the other one is Instagram where they.

Generally after the attraction of these water users, we saw a lot of apps that aim to help create a unique story and professional knowledge more accurately, one of these applications is to Unfold, which can be described as the best in his field, whether on Android or iOS.

Definitionally, the app is a creative tool easy to use, focused on creating offers ready-made and appropriate to, comes with an arsenal of stylish models ready-made available to choose to taste, here introduces the application of Unfold towards 25 model or template free with 5 lines of professional with full support for the Arabic language, as well as the application supports adding pictures and videos that you want.

تطبيق Unfold لإنشاء ستوري مُميز ومشاركته على إنستقرام وفيسبوك وسناب شات

And most importantly support the export of model and high quality, the alignment that the app does not require you to create an account, just all you need is to exploration and begin to create your story without restrictions or conditions, and finally the application of Unfold is available for download in two versions, the first free and benefit from all of the above, the second driven to use the tools of text advanced, and more than 60 model, and other advantages.

Download the application Unfold on Android.

Download the application Unfold on the iOS.

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