The application of Twitter for iOS gets put Lily’s New perfect devices with screen OLED


The Twitter launch night mode ” Dark Mode ” for the development of its platform on Android and iOS in 2016. Today, the company issued a put Lily friend for OLED for devices that use this type of display.

Announced Twitter for a new feature called ” Light Out | lights out“, a feature that provides Night Mode appropriate to apply Twitter on the iOS platform. Lead activate this feature to change the color of the user interface of the app to black instead of dark blue. Lead to keep the battery on your device, especially if your phone features OLED display.

To run this mode new night, head to Settings Privacy and then to the list of screen images, click then on the button activation icon next to ” Dark Mode “. Will you do this two options are ” Dim ” and ” Lights Out “. Select the last option to get a black background. Allows the old mode now ” Dim “.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that there is currently no information about the date of arrival of this feature to the Twitter application for Android. However, we expect that in the foreseeable future.

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