The application of the verse is possible to read the Koran


Is apps Quran many but usually those applications lacking something, making some provide you download the market as the other don’t, or those application that provides a fantastic interface but the cost of development find download ads.

But it is rare and very few of them distinctive in all respects, and the verse is one of those rarities if not the best, which is a charity project submitted by the centre for interpretation studies the Koran in Saudi Arabia.

According to the center of the interpretation studies the Koran that the application of the verse provides a smooth and comfortable to the reader of the Koran, using every pixel in the screen to display the Qur’anic text as explained as possible, with the source, although the Ottoman according to the edition of King Fahd complex for last, and thinking, with ease of use and novelty designs.

Application also provides many advantages where the application provides the possibility to read the Koran by night mode, the app also offers the possibility of downloading the audio market and return to them whenever you want and run them without need for internet connection, as the app provides also the possibility to run audio directly over the network.

The app also provides the advantages of While reading one of the pages of the Holy Quran such as adding a comma or a note or a preference for the verse, or even share it on the form image design is gorgeous, as you can click on the explanation of the verse if you want to understand the meaning of a particular verse interaction is based on the book the shortcut in the interpretation of the Koran, which was appointed by the Inspector General of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheikh.

Not only these advantages, but there are more advantages provided by the app and you can download the app for iOS via this link and Android from this link

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