The application of Tensing chooses the sharing feature and view live pictures Live Photos

Introduced Apple TV for the first time feature live pictures Live Photos in the iPhone 6S in 2015. Since then, influenced by the popularity of water to the lack of support in the majority of social networks. In the end, Twitter seems to be testing support to view live pictures Live Photos.

As noted by the researcher in the social media Matt Navarra, that there is a code inside the Twitter application for iOS refer to the Application Support Page Live. This means that in the Twitter application, you can watch the live images, as well as displayed by prolonged pressure on them.

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Currently, if you want to watch live pictures in Twitter, the process is a bit tired, so that you must first login to the application “photos” on iOS and download the live pictures to the “Loop” or “Bounce” by the clouds from the bottom. From there, you can watch the image Loop or Bunce this on Twitter and it will be converted to GIF.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook is the first social network that added support for live image viewing and participation.

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